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New settings, elements and element styles [PlusPack]

Please note: You must be using OptimizePress version 2.5.7 or above for PlusPack features to function correctly.

In this article, we’re going to cover the additional settings, elements and element styles that are added to the OptimizePress Live Editor when the OptimizePress PlusPack plugin is installed.

Features that include:

  • Additional row and element settings such as video backgrounds.
  • LiveEditor elements such as animated headlines and sliders.
  • Additional LiveEditor element styles e.g guarantee styles and news bar styles.

Please Note: To access the PlusPack plugin, you must be a Publisher or Pro customer.

PlusPack Row/Element Settings.

The first set of features include additional row and element settings. These are listed below.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds have been one of the most requested features in our OptimizePress community. So we’re very pleased to now have this included as part of the PlusPack plugin.

With the video background element, you will now be able to insert animated videos to your pages that look as beautiful as ever and further enticing your visitors. You can insert them in either a single row, or as a full page background.

You will also be able to add audio to your videos as well as colourful overlays adding further style enhancements to your elements.

Video inserted as a row.

Video inserted as a full page background.

For the full guide on how to insert Video Backgrounds. Please click here.

Element Animations

With the PlusPack plugin, you will now be able to fully animate your page elements using various pre-built animations that are available to you in the element settings.

This will provide you with an even greater palette of customisability to further enhance your website and sales message; highlighting the most important points and getting your visitors to take the actions you want.

For the full guide on how to insert Element Animations. Please click here.

PlusPack Exclusive Elements

The PlusPack plugin gives you access to a range of exclusive LiveEditor elements that are only available to customers with the PlusPack, giving you more power and control of your website design.

Advanced Headline Element

With advanced headlines, you will now be able to animate your headlines; allowing you to further engage your visitors. This can be customised as normal by going to the element settings and seeing the additional options listed.

For the full guide on how to insert and customise Advanced Elements. Please click here.

Comparison Table

You will now be able to insert tables that will allow you to make comparisons between your product packages; a feature not present in our standard pricing tables. This element could also be used for doing product comparisons on blog post reviews. Here are examples of the numerous design styles to choose from:

For the full guide on how to use the Comparison Table Element. Please click here.

Evergreen Countdown Timer

A powerful marketing feature of the PlusPack plugin is the evergreen countdown timer element. The evergreen countdown timer element allows you to have a timer that is unique to every visitor and will reset depending on when the page is visited.

With the Evergreen Timer, you are able to do evergreen product promotions, allowing you to make more sales and further leverage your products.

For the full guide on how to setup an Evergreen Timer. Please click here.

Product Showcase

The Product Showcase element is a great way to visually show features of your products. Your visitors will be able to select from a list of images as well as zoom and scroll for further detail. Now you can showcase your product in the exact way Amazon do!

For the full guide on setting up a Product Showcase element. Please click here.

Scroll Enhancer

With the Scroll Enhancer, you are able to provide a better browsing experience for your customers. This is a great way to subtly guide your visitors to continue scrolling and reading, allowing for better engagement and call-to-action.

For the full guide on setting up a Scroll Enhancer element. Please click here.


Slider elements are a great way for you to share content in a concise way. This PlusPack element allows you to further customise your image navigation and provide a better user experience. On page sliders are great for on page engagement. 

For the full guide on setting up a Slider element. Please click here.

Testimonial Slider

With the Testimonial Slider, you can setup your testimonials to automatically scroll and animate on your page. This is ideal if you want to reserve space on your page and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

For the full guide on setting up a Testimonial Slider. Please click here.

WP Comments Duplicator

With the WP Comments Duplicator, you are able to copy your WordPress comments feed from one page over to multiple pages. This is a great feature for when you’re running a launch with multiple pages and would like to continue the conversation to later stages of the launch process.

For the full guide on setting up the WP Comments Duplicator. Please click here.

Plus Pack Exclusive Element Styles

As well as the exclusive elements, the PlusPack plugin also adds additional element styles to the existing elements present in your core package. This gives you access to more design choices and styles. Here is a list of all the additional element styles that will become available to you once you’ve installed the PlusPack plugin.

PlusPack Calendars Element Styles

PlusPack Countdown Timers Element Styles

PlusPack File Download Element Styles

PlusPack Guarantee Boxes Element Styles

PlusPack News Bars Element Styles

PlusPack Optin Box Element Styles

PlusPack Pricing Tables Element Styles

PlusPack Progress Bar Element Styles

PlusPack Questions & Answers Element Styles

PlusPack Social Sharing Element Styles

PlusPack Tabs Element Styles

PlusPack Testimonials Element Styles

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