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Creating a registration form or free registration form [OptimizeMember]

If you want to create a registration form that registers members at a certain level (or free level) for your membership sites with OptimizeMember, you can do this using the Paypal Pro Forms / Free Registration Forms option (don\’t worry if you\’re not using Paypal this will still work)

1. To do this, first go to OptimizeMember > Paypal Pro Forms > Paypal Pro / Free Registration Forms

2. Now you need to select the code from the “WordPress Shortcode” field and copy this code 

3. Now load the page where you want to add the registration form.  If you are using the OptimizePress LiveEditor, you will want to insert this code into a HTML/Shortcode element on your page
4. The final step is to customize the code.  The main sections you will want to change will be:
level=”0″ – Specify the level for the registrant to be added to (use only numbers here)  [Level 0 is your free registration level]

You can also use this to add a user to a higher level if you wish (for example if you are using dripped content and need to use a level higher than 0)

ccaps=”” – Specify any custom capabilities or packages here so if you have a package called “ebook” you would enter ebook.  If you have more than one package that you want to assign to the user you should separate them with comma only e.g. ccaps=”ebook,video,mastery_series”
Important note: Remember if you place this form on a page – anyone who can access that page will be able to register and get access to the specified level, so keep this page URL secret unless you want your users to be able to register.

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