How to drip content / delay content in OptimizePress [OptimizeMember]

"Dripping" content is the process of delaying the release of content in your membership site for your members.  It is often called "drip feeding" .

OptimizePress includes full drip content / delay content functionality which allows you to delay the release of your content to your members.

Please ensure you read the "Important Notes on Dripping Content" at the end of this guide after reading the setup steps.

How to use our Drip content system

The OptimizePress Drip Content system can delay content/pages which is protected at Level 1 (Bronze) level or above.  

Please note: OptimizePress drip content delay will not work with content / pages protected at Level 0 / Free subscriber level.

How to set drip delay in the LiveEditor:
In the Liveeditor, ensure OptimizeMember is installed and activated, and go to Membership Settings > Membership Page Restrictions:

How to set drip delay in the WordPress Page Editor:

In the WordPress Page Editor - Ensure OptimizeMember is installed and activated, and go to the OptimizeMember settings on the sidebar.

Important Notes on Dripping Content

1.  The drip content timer works counts from the date that your buyer or site member registers for your site.  This means we DO NOT recommend using dripped content on a site where your members may register at a different level first as the drip content timer will effectively start from that date - so they may get access to dripped content earlier than you expected or desired.

The Drip Content system is best suited to sites where you are delivering an individual training course on one site. 

2. Drip content will not work at level 0 / Free subscriber level.  You must use Level 1 or above.  If you need to register free users at a level higher than 0 you can customize our free registration form following this guide here:

3. OptimizePress Membership Levels provide incremental access - so a level 2 user will have access to level 1 pages and content (unless it is also protected with a package/custom capability).  So users registered at Level 2 will also be able to access drip content protected with level 1 in line with the delays you set based on their registration date.

Common Questions

Can I send emails to my members when content is dripped / released?
OptimizeMember does not have a facility to email your members when content is dripped.  Instead, we recommend scheduling an email to be released via your autoresponder service in line with the timescales set in your drip settings.  

Can I manually change the registration date of my users in order to advance the drip schedule so they get early access?
No, this is not possible within the WordPress/OptimizeMember admin areas. We do not provide any support for modifying user data in the WordPress database as that could corrupt your database and cause other urgent problems which we are not equipped to solve for you. Please if you decide to edit your database manually to attempt this, please take a full database backup and VERIFY that it actually is a good backup BEFORE you make any changes to the live database. We can not provide support for issues with your database due to negligence or failure to follow our warnings about this!

Can I setup the drip to start on a specific date/time?
This is not possible in the current version of OptimizeMember. Content drip delay is always based off when the user was registered, and not on specific dates or times. Please see the note below for further information about this...

[updated note regarding drip on specific dates - as of December 29th, 2019] We had planned to add this feature to OptimizeMember, along with other features, however due to many factors (including developing our new OptimizePress 3.0 platform) we will no longer be adding new features to OptimizeMember for our version 2.0 platform. We are working on new membership features for the version 3 platform, however these will take some time to develop. We anticipate release around the Summber/Fall of 2020 for membership features to be released in our version 3 platform.

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