Using advanced element options to add external shortcodes [OptimizeMember]

In this video you will learn how you can use our Advanced Element options to add shortcodes from third-party membership scripts and plugins to help protect or hide your content on OptimizePress pages. This may also be used for OptimizeMember Shortcodes as well.

Please note that we cannot provide support related to the use of third-party shortcodes so you will need to verify with the plugin vendor that you are using the correct shortcodes from their system when using this feature.

Note:  This process can also be used when editing the Row Options (you will see "code before row" and "code after row" when you go into the row options.

Note:  This process can be used for DAP and iMember360 shortcodes as well as most other Wordpress plugin shortcodes for hiding/protecting content.

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