Switching between OP2 Theme and Plugin

The OptimizePress 2 theme and plugin versions can be used interchangably on your website.  This means if you start off building your site with the OptimizePress Plugin, but decide you want to use the features of the OptimizePress Theme, you can switch without any issues to your site.

Please be aware of the following important information if you are switching:

  • All pages built with our Pagebuilder/LiveEditor system will work seamlessly and look identical.
  • Pages and Posts built using the standard Wordpress pages and posts system will use the design of the theme you are using. So if you switch to the OptimizePress theme, it will use the designs provided by our theme, if you switch away from our theme, it will use the design of your new theme.
  • Important: All elements on your OptimizePress pages are cached (stored temporarily) for 48 hours. This means if you switch between the theme/plugin, you should leave the deactivated theme/plugin installed for at least 48 hours after deactivation.  This will prevent any broken links on your site.  

    So if you switch from plugin to theme, ensure you leave the plugin installed (not activated) for at least 48 hours after the switch

    If you switch from Theme to Plugin, leave the theme Installed (not activated) for 48 hours after the switch
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