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Launch Funnels & Pages [LaunchSuite]

With OptimizePress, you can setup complete launch funnels to help you launch your new products more effectively.  Our system has built in systems which make it easier to create launch funnels that build buzz and increase your subscribers.

Follow the tutorials below to see how to use our Launch Suite to manage your launch funnels and pages

Setup a Basic Launch Funnel

This video will give you an overview of the launch funnel system and show you how to setup a basic 2 page funnel (+ landing page) for your product launches

Setup a Perpetual or Evergreen Launch

This video will show you the process of setting up a perpetual or evergreen launch with OptimizePress

Using the Gateway / Funnel Key

This video will show you how to use the Launch Gateway Key functionality to block access to your launch funnel pages until your visitor has subscribed to your mailing list or campaign – a great way to boost optins during your launch.

Note: Please be aware we have found using certain caching plugins when using the Launch Gateway can stop the system working properly so we recommend disabling any caching on launch funnel pages

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