Using the OverlayOptimizer

The OverlayOptimizer is a powerful feature of OptimizePress that allows you to create overlays within the LiveEditor to load a wide range of content from videos, opt-in forms, html, text or almost any other element you can imagine.

The videos on this page show some of the best ways to implement this system on your OptimizePress pages.

Video 1: Create Opt-in Overlays (2-Step Opt-in)

In this video you will discover how to create the popular 2-Step opt-in process using an Opt-in form in the overlay window – a technique which can help you boost opt-in rates of your pages.

Video 2: Create Video Overlays

This video will show you how to use the OverlayOptimizer to load videos in an overlay window.  The video will also show you how to customize the overlay window to change the styling to suit your page.

Video 3: Create Text Information Overlays

This video will show you how to utilize the OverlayOptimizer element to create overlays which show informational content.  This will help you reduce the need for long-indepth landing pages as you can create overlays to display more detailed information.

Common Questions

How can I insert an OverlayOptimizer inside a feature box?
At this time you cannot use the OverlayOptimizer as a “child element” – that means you cannot insert in within another element.  This is because the OverlayOptimizer itself also has child elements so inserting this within another element would cause the system to break and content within the OverlayOptimizer would not be editable.

How can I add the OverlayOptimizer on my Blog?
Due to the complex nature of the OverlayOptimizer functionality, and to maintain the ability to edit content within your OverlayOptimizer popup, you cannot currently use this element on the blog or other themes, it is only available inside our LiveEditor.  We are investigating further development in this area in the future.

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