2. OptimizePress Theme & Plugin Differences

NOTE: Starting with OptimizePress version 2.5.11 we introduced a newer theme that has a more modern design, faster loading pages, and better SEO. We would suggest trying out the new OptimizePress Smart Theme. If you have an active updates/support license you should see this in the members hub, along with a downloadable PDF step by step guide on how to use the new Smart Theme

We can no longer provide the older OptimizePress Theme files for download for new sites. If you have an existing site and need to re-install the theme files please contact our support team and they will gladly assist with that. For now, we will still provide updates and support for the older OptimizePress Theme

This guide is for the older OptimizePress Theme version and not for the new Smart Theme

There are two core parts to OptimizePress (if using the theme version)

1. The Blog Theme System
- This allows you to create pages and posts which share a consistent design.  The pages here would be typical blog pages and posts - not to be used for sales pages and opt-in forms. You can use the blog settings to add things like an opt-in form to the sidebar and other content. To create pages for this section you would use the Pages > Add New function and to create Posts you would use Posts > Add New
These would all use the main design settings and navigation settings as setup within the normal OptimizePress Blog settings.
2. The PageBuilder/LiveEditor System
- This is designed to be used for creating custom pages (or sets of Pages) which would be used for sales and marketing sites, membership sites or landing pages.  These pages are independant from the main blog theme and pages - because these are designed to be conversion pages which often may not have a header or logo on them, they have been designed to be completely customizable and because of this (depending on which template you choose) the header width may vary
The only difference between the plugin and theme is that the theme version includes the blog system. The plugin has everything else and you can even switch between either so if you built your site using the plugin and then decided you also wanted to use our blogging features you could switch your site to use the OP2 Theme and the liveeditor pages would still work fine.
The main power of the system is in the pagebuilder and liveeditor system - and it has been designed so you can use other blog themes with it - we have started the Op2 system off with 3 basic blog themes and will be expanding this range in the future also.
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