Verification failed error on LiveEditor

If you receive an error similar to this when editing LiveEditor pages or elements:

" Verification failed, please refresh the page and try again"

We have found this error to be caused by the Follow Button for Jetpack plugin (add-on)

If you receive this error - please disable this plugin and try your site again. Unfortunately this plugin appears to be an unofficial plugin which is not maintained by its' authors and we don't currently have a fix other than to disable this plugin

It's possible that other plugins can also cause this issue - unfortunately it's not possible for us to test with every plugin available for WordPress (there are over 25,000). If you are experiencing this issue it is best to test your site again with other plugins deactivated to see if that is the cause

One other potential reason for this happening is if you become logged out of your site while the LiveEditor window is open. If you logout of your site in another browser tab or window, when you try to save your page the LiveEditor no longer has permissions to save as you are logged out and you will receive this error

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