Content Disappearing on LiveEditor Pages

We have heard of a few of our users experiencing issues with content disappearing on LiveEditor pages.  We have investigated these cases and found there are a few potential causes of this issue.

See below for steps to ensure that this does not happen on your pages again. 

1) If your site/server does not have sufficient max_input_vars allowances which can mean content is not saved on longer pages. You can find more information on how to fix this here: Content not saving in LiveEditor (long pages disappearing content)

2) If you are adding any custom HTML or Javascript code to your page, this can cause content loss if any of your code is incorrect or incomplete. This can be things such as DIV HTML tags not being closed properly, or if you insert some embed code (such as a video embed code for example) which might be incomplete or missing some code. Check if you have any codes like this and check they are complete and correct. If you’re creating your own HTML but are not experienced with HTML, have a developer check over this.

Check in particular text elements or HTML in case of pasted code. e.g. < code > without < /code >

This might require fixing via DB - contact your hosting company if you think this may be the issue.

3) Another cause of content loss or content switching to older versions is if you have more than one page open in the LiveEditor at the same time. So if you are editing more than one page (it doesn’t have to be the same page) in the LiveEditor, this can mean that sometimes the wrong version is saved as our system autosaves every 5-10 minutes so sometimes can save the wrong version if it is confused by having more than one LiveEditor window open. To prevent this, you would need to ensure you only work on one page at a time, and ensure no other browser windows are open when editing a page on your OptimizePress site

I would recommend checking all these things to ensure that you do not experience any data loss in the future. Also it may be worth checking if your hosting company has any kind of autobackup or restore functions which could potentially be modifying content on your pages.


Other notes:

If you find that your contents are still deleted after setting max input vars to 10000, this could be that your host does not support a value of 10000, we recommend please ask them to adjust max_input_vars to 9999.

max_input_vars = 9999

This should ensure that all variables or content is saved to the database rather than only 1000 variables being passed through.

In some rarer cases, with certain hosting we have found that there is another setting which can control this on your server. If you find that the above steps do not help with the issue, you will need to ask your hosting company to set some additional values for something called hardened PHP Suhosin

The variables that need to be set for this are as follows: = 9999
suhosin.get.max_vars = 9999
suhosin.request.max_vars = 9999
suhosin.post_max_array_depth = 500

At this moment, we know that Liquidweb and Bluehost hosting accounts require this setting, but it’s likely that other hosting companies also use this setting.

We highly recommend asking your hosting company to assist with this to avoid breaking anything on your site as the PHP configuration files can be delicate. I'm afraid this is not something we can change from our side, it must be done by your hosting company.

These two steps should ensure that you longer pages you create inside OptimizePress and WordPress now have no further problems saving.

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