Add media window is blank / Media Uploader Issues

If you are having problems with the media uploader when you go to add new images to parts of your OptimizePress site, and the media uploader shows a blank window instead of the upload options:

We have found this issue to be due to the Wordpress media-upload.php file being removed or the code from within the file being cleared.  We're not sure why this happens, it's not something that is done by the OptimizePress system but possibly by certain hosting companies

This is a core Wordpress file and can be reinstalled by running the Wordpress updater - to do this go to your Wordpress Dashboard click on Dashboard > Updates > and then click "Re-install Now" or update to the latest version of Wordpress and this should fix it

If you repeatedly experience this issue you may need to contact your hosting company and ask why they are removing this file as this is not something that is controlled or changed by Wordpress or OptimizePress.

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