Why doesn't the auto update show in my Wordpress Dashboard

Sometimes some webhosts do not show the updater inside your Wordpress Dashboard. We’re not sure what causes this, sometimes it can be due to other plugins blocking our licensing system and sometimes it can be down to the webhost blocking it

To manually update your version of OptimizePress - all you need to do is firstly disable the plugin (go to Plugins > find OptimizePress and click Disable) - (or if you are using the theme version simply activate a different theme in the Appearance > Themes section)
Next delete the current version of OptimizePress from your site.  This will not remove any of your page content, it will only delete the core wordpress files. Remember your content is stored safely in your Wordpress database.  If you have made any changes to the PHP files of your OPtimizePress site (this is unlikely) then these changes would be lost so bear this in mind)
Next you would download the latest version of the theme or plugin from our website at  http://www.optimizehub.com. Save the zip to your computer and then upload to your site like you did when you first uploaded 
If you do need any further help with this please contact our helpdesk team and send your Wordpres admin logins so we can assist further. If you had to upload via FTP the first time please also include FTP or cpanel logins
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