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I have been charged an “ITA fee” – what is this?

When you purchase OptimizePress, the only charges that we take (or receive) are the price of the package you are purchasing (as shown on our order page) and any VAT or Tax that may be due depending on the country you are based in.

Any ITA fees or transaction fees you see on your statement are not charged by us but rather imposed by your card issuer or bank. 
Unfortunately these charges are outside of our control, and sometimes charged because we operate from the UK – some foreign banks and credit card issuers charge “foreign transaction” fee for currency conversions or other processes involved with processing your payment.
As a business we transact in US Dollars to try and reduce charges for our US based customers, however some card issuers still place these charges. We do not receive any of those funds so unfortunately we’re unable to refund them.

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