How to hide a page from the search engines

If you want to hide certain pages on your website from the search engines (stop them from indexing your pages) you can follow these steps:

To hide a page from the search engines you  need to add some meta tags to tell the search engines not to index your pages.  You can do this either through a third-party plugin like Yoast SEO plugin or you could add the code yourself.
If the page is an OptimizePress LiveEditor page you would need to go to Page Settings > Other Scripts > Select "Header" from the dropdown and paste in this code:
If the page was a normal non-Liveeditor page using the OptimizePress Theme (a standard Wordpress page or post), you would need to go to the "OptimizePress Settings" tab and then find the Header dropdown and enter the code above in that field.
Please note that this is not 100% guaranteed way to stop search engines - if they have already indexed your page then this will not remove it, and sometimes some search engines disregard these tags, but it should help stop your page getting indexed.  

Please note it will still be fully visible to anyone who knows the URL of the page.

If you want to set your page to not be cached by the search engines you can also use this code in the header field:


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