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Due to a recent WordPress Emergency update 4.0.1 – we became aware of some of our users experiencing some display issues with elements on their OptimizePress pages.

As soon as our developers were notified of this, we released a new update patch for OptimizePress to resolve these issues – this is version

Follow the steps on this page to update your site:

1. Using WordPress Dashboard Update (If the message shows)

If you see the message at the top of your dashboard, simply click the “update now” link to update your site. Ensure you let the update process fully complete and reactivate your theme/plugin after the update.

2. Using the WordPress Dashboard Update (If automatic update message Is not showing)

If you are an active support & updates license holder, you are entitled to automatic updates via the WordPress dashboard.  Sometimes these updates will not immediately show in your WordPress dashboard, so you may need to force the updates to show using a special plugin:

1. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for “Core Control”

2. Once you have pressed enter on your keyboard you should see some search results like below.  Click “Install Now” to start the install process

3. Once the plugin is installed you need to click to active it:

4. Once the plugin is activated, go to Tools > Core Control to access the plugin options:

5. Inside the Core Control plugin options, click the top option to access the updates section:

6. Once inside the updates section, you need to make the plugin check for updates for themes, plugins and core updates. This will refresh your site cache and pull through any available updates for OptimizePress:

7. Once you have completed this process, you should now see the updates notification for the new version of OptimizePress (please note this will only work if you have an active Support & updates license).  

If you do not have an active support & updates license you will need to renew via the members area or by contacting our support team

8. Now you can click the update now option to update to the latest version of OptimizePress.  Look for the completed message for the theme or plugin install once the process has been completed


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