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Using an opt-in form designed in AWeber inside OptimizePress

If you have designed a web form or optin form inside AWeber and wish to use this on your OptimizePress site rather than one of our Opt-in form designs, you should follow the steps in this guide.

For LiveEditor Pages

If you are using the LiveEditor, you should use our “Custom HTML” element to add the code.  Select this element from the LiveEditor elements (after clicking “Add an Element”) and then paste the code provided by AWeber into the section inside the element.

This will render your form as you designed it in Aweber inside your OptimizePress LiveEditor page.  Please note that this does not utilize our integration with AWeber so you will need to configure your thank you page and any other settings for this form inside AWeber.

For Normal Pages/Posts

You need to switch to the text/HTML view and paste your code from AWeber to render the form to your page.

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