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Incompatible themes & plugins

With over 35,000 plugins and themes available for WordPress, it\’s possible that conflicts can occur between OptimizePress and themes or plugins running on your site.

Conflicts usually occur because some plugins or themes may use scripts which conflict with scripts already used inside OptimizePress, or because of other code conflicts.

Fixing Plugin & Theme Conflicts (with LiveEditor) 

Although it\’s not possible for us to modify the code in third-party themes and plugins to work with OptimizePress, we have developed a section within OptimizePress which can help with some of these conflicts.

This section is called “Disable Styles & Scripts” and you can find this within OptimizePress > Support > Disable Styles & Scripts 

If you are experiencing problems using the LiveEditor with certain plugins, these options have been found to help resolve these issues.  
Please note disabling a specific theme or plugin from rendering inside the LiveEditor will stop any functionality attached to it from working within the LiveEditor or pages created with it.  Normal WordPress pages and posts remain unaffected.

Incompatible Plugins

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list. If your plugins are not listed here, it does not mean they are guaranteed to work. We do update this list but with so many plugins available, it\’s possible that a plugin not listed here could cause problems with OptimizePress

This page contains a log of themes and plugins with known conflicts with OptimizePress 2.0

  • Better Search ReplaceThis plugin corrupts OptimizePress data in the database for pages created with the Live Editor and essentially destroys the pages. Avoid using this plugin at all costs. As an alternative, please use our plugin, as well as this plugin to update URLs on your site (always take database backups): https://wordpress.org/plugins/velvet-blues-update-urls/
    If you have used the “Better Search Replace” plugin and have issues with your live editor pages, you will need to restore your database from a point before you ran that plugin as there is not anything we can do on our end to fix this.
  • SEO Redirection (Fakhri Alsadi) – this plugin breaks the optin functionality of forms inside OptimizePress because it redirects our optin form submission URL /process-optin-form [Confirmed August 2015]
  • Hybrid Connect (should now work if you use the latest Op2 and Hybrid connect) – known to cause issues in the LiveEditor. (we are considering fixes for this at the moment). The Hybrid connect team are working with us to fix this asap.
  • Page Expiration Robot Pro – sometimes will not render on pages, or causes page content to disappear in LiveEditor
  • WP Minify – breaks our page layouts as it does not correctly minify CSS and JS (this will result in your pages looking messed up)
  • Affiliate Resources Page (Jack Born) – Stops the Pagebuilder process working properly
  • LinkTrackr – breaks pages in certain browsers
  • Digg Digg by Buffer – breaks the LiveEditor and stops items being editable
  • Exclude Pages from Navigation – causes issues with duplicate pages or “ghost” pages appearing
  • Pretty Links Lite / Pretty Links Pro – breaks some functions of OptimizePress including the exit redirect function
  • Lightbox Plus ColorBox – breaks LiveEditor
  • 404 Redirection – can break your Optin boxes or cause strange redirection after opt-in
  • CKEditor for WordPress – stops WYSIWYG functions / text block editor from working
  • WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin – causes images and elements to disappear
  • Revolution Slider – conflicts with OP2
  • W3 Total Cache (W3TC)– this plugin WILL work with OptimizePress but Do not use the “minify” function as this will break the styling on your pages. Also if you\’re using OPtimizeMember do not use the object caching mode as this can cause issue
  • SEOPressor – breaks the LiveEditor
  • WPMU – known to cause some issues (we are investigating this)]
  • Ultimate Tiny MCE plugin – causes issues in the LiveEditor with updating elements
  • Evergreen Post Tweeter – Tom Ewer – breaks the auto responder integration
  • Cformsll – plugin causing live editor to not work properly.  When clicking to edit or add an element, the loading icon swirls forever when the plugin is activated.
  • Fancybox for WordPress – can cause issues with OptimizePress pages (because we have Fancybox code inside OP2)
  • Fancybox – incompatible, causes serious issuews with OP, don\’t use it
  • Easy FancyBox – incompatible, breaks some parts of OP, better don\’t use
  • Wow Slider – known to cause issues
  • Tiny Coffee – known to cause issues

Incompatible Themes

  • Place – Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme (ThemeForest)
  • BootstrapPress 
  • Enfold theme – known to break some of our responsive resizing. Also some templates can be cut off. Templates being cut off can be fixed with custom CSS:  @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {body.op-plugin .container { width: 100%; }}
  • ElegantThemes – known to cause some interference with certain parts of liveeditor
  • United Theme\’s Nevada Theme  
  • Udesign Theme – causes issues with fonts

Incompatible Hosting Services 

  • GoDaddy* – although OptimizePress will run on GoDaddy hosting, their hosting environment is quite restrictive and we often find sites run slower on GoDaddy and also may have trouble updating. This is not a bug in OptimizePress as Godaddy servers are typically very under-powered and set with very restrictive resource limits which may cause these issues. Contact our support team if you have issues with Godaddy and we\’ll try to help as best we can.
  • SEOHosting – Some customers have reported strange errors when editing their sites whilst on this hosting

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