Recommended Plugin for Creating Image Galleries

Image galleries are a nice way to showcase those things that only images can really describe such as a vacation or showcasing products. A nice plugin that we have found which works beautifully within OptimizePress Live Editor pages is FooGallery.

FooGallery is a free plugin from which can be downloaded from the plugin repository:

Also, in order to have lightbox effects with navigation between images, you can install the free plugin called FooBox (also from

** Please note with the foobox lightbox that you'll need to disable the "Fancybox for Images" setting under "OptimizePress > Dashboard > Fancybox for Images" by toggling the "on" switch to "off"

Once you have FooGallery installed, simply create a new image gallery by clicking the "FooGallery" link on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard and then click "Add Gallery"

After setting up your Gallery, you can get the shortcode for it from the "FooGallery > Galleries" page (it will be off to the right side).

Paste that shortcode within a "Custom HTML/Shortcode" element in your OptimizePress Live Editor, and that is all you need to do.

There are some settings within FooGallery Plugin to help with how your gallery displays. We strongly suggest using the options to center the gallery. Also note that you can change your thumbnail sizes as well (Gutter width is the spacing between images). 

You can find these settings by going to "FooGallery > Galleries" and clicking "edit" for the gallery you created and scroll down below the images and you should see these options. If you don't, simply click on "screen options" at the top right of your screen and be sure that "Gallery Settings" is checked:

Please note that while we are happy to make plugin suggestions from 3rd party vendors such as, we are not able to offer support specifically for these plugins. Should you have any trouble using any of the features within any plugins we suggest, we would kindly suggest reaching out to the vendor directly. 

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