Create Simple Popup Windows with Alligator Popup

If you have some content on another page that you want to load in a small window (similar to a lightbox but using a separate browser window) you can use the awesome simple Alligator Popup plugin

To install the plugin to go Plugins > Add New and search for Alligator Popup

Once installed all you need to do is use the following shortcode to trigger a link on your page:

[popup url="" height="500" width="460"]Link Text[/popup]

You would add this code to a HTML/Shortcode element on the LiveEditor page you are working on.

You can adjust the height and width of your popup with the height and width variables, and change the url value to be the URL of the page you want to popup.

For best results we would advise loading a page in the lightbox with minimum content on it. For example if you wanted to load a form or text on the page, create a new page using the liveeditor blank page option and add the content there.  This will allow you to create a page without any navigation or other distractions.

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