Using Gumroad with OptimizePress

Gumroad is a simple payment solution that allows you to sell your products through their service (they handle payments and secure product delivery). They take a % fee for each transaction they process for you.

Although you can use OptimizePress and OptimizeMember to sell your products, we know some of our users want to use the Gumroad system so this guide will show you how to use their order buttons on your OptimizePress site:

1. Secure your page with SSL

In order to use Gumroad on your site, you need to have an SSL certificate. This means that when your buyers enter any payment information on your site, it is secured encrypted and not at risk of being intercepted when sent from your site

Adding an SSL certificate to your site/page varies depending on your domain registrar and hosting company - we would recommend contacting your hosting company for help on this step of the process

2. Setup your product inside Gumroad

Follow the steps on Gumroad to setup your product on their system. Specify your product type, upload your files and specify your price.

When your product is ready, click Publish inside Gumroad to get your order code ready to use on your OptimizePress site.

3. Add your order code to your OptimizePress page

Once you have copied the code from the product page inside Gumroad, head over to your OptimizePress site.

Now add the section first section starting with <a and ending in /a> to a HTML/Shortcode element in the LiveEditor.

The second section (starting with <script ...) should be inserted into the Head tags for your page.To do this go to Page Settings > Other Scripts > Header (select from the dropdown) and paste in the script code here.

Now save your page and you should see your working order button on the page. When you click the order button, if everything is setup correctly you should see the Gumroad order box appear.

Please note that if you do not have your page properly SSL secured your order box may not display correctly - we strongly advise seeking support from your host on this if you have any problems, we cannot assist with SSL security issues.

Bonus Tip

If you want to make your order button look like the Gumroad button - add this inside the hyperlink: class="gumroad-button".

So it will look something like:

<a href="" class="gumroad-button">OptimizePress Blackbook</a><br>

Find more information on setting up Gumroad here:

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