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Integrating AffiliateWP with OptimizePress / OptimizeMember

OptimizePress does not have an official integration with AffiliateWP, however AffiliateWP has created their own integration that is known to work with our platform.

If you are having trouble integrating AffiliateWP, we would suggest checking out their Knowledge Base article as the process for using their plugin with OptimizePress is a bit different than their standard instructions:


If you wish to integrate AffiliateWP with OptimizeMember, they also have a guide on that as well:


It should be noted that generally our support team can not assist with 3rd party integrations such as this. If you do find any issues with the AffiliateWP integration instructions, we would suggest reaching out to their support team for assistance as they would be best suited to help as they created the integration on their end.

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