Create a Membership Login Page

If you are using OptimizeMember and OptimizePress to create your membership area or sell your digital course, you can easily create a login page for your product

Any page can become a login page for your site by using the Membership Login Form Element inside the OptimizePress LiveEditor (this element will only show in the listing if you are using OptimizeMember for your membership).

Add this element into your page and it will render a login form when your user is logged out.  If you view the page when you are testing, you will see a different form if you are logged into your site (you will see the user profile information).

You can download a basic login page template below:

Download the Basic Login Page Here to access pur product can do so – so a link to yours sales page or sales siterotected content to this page to login

We usually recommend setting this login page as your “Membership Options Page” if you are using OptimizeMember. This will ensure that users are redirected here if they are not logged in

You may also want to include a link on your login page to where visitors who have not purchased yo

Setting Your Login Page to be your “Login Page”

When you have created your login page, you’ll likely want to redirect anyone who tries 

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