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In this tutorial, we\’re going to cover the OptimizePress integrations options, which allow you to integrate with various email autoresponder systems and other integrations, which you can pass information to from your landing pages such as webinar platforms.

The first thing we need to do is head over to our OptimizePress dashboard and click on \’ Email Marketing Services.\’

Once there, you will see a list of all of the available email marketing services that you can integrate directly with inside our software.

Please Note: If you don\’t see your service listed, we also have a HTML integration option that allows you to use RAW HTML code from your service provider in order to integrate with the software. This is however less reliable as it will not pass information on directly through our API.

For this example, we\’re going to use the Aweber service and walk you through how to integrate with their service. If you\’re using a different system, there may be different steps involved and recommend going through their respective video tutorials, which you\’ll be able to find by clicking here.

How To Integrate

Click on the \’ Aweber\’ option to open the tab. This will reveal an option to connect directly to the service. Click on the \’Connect\’ link.

You will be taken to an area that will ask you to authorise your Aweber logins with our software.

Insert your Aweber login information and click the green \’Allow Access\’ button.

Please Note: OptimizePress doesn\’t store any private logins of other systems.

Upon confirming, you will be redirected back to the OptimizePress dashboard. 

You can check to see if your Aweber service is connected by heading back over to \’ Email Marketing Services\’ and again, clicking on the Aweber tab. 

You should now see a notification confirming \’ Aweber is connected\’ with an additional option to disconnect if you later decide to remove integration.

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