Plugin Dashboard Overview


In this tutorial, we\’re going to go over all of the options available to you inside the OptimizePress dashboard.

The OptimizePress dashboard provides you with a list of options that will allow you to make global changes to any pages you build with the software.

Please Note: Any changes you make in the options will not effect live pages and will only take effect on new created pages after the options have been set.

Global Settings

API Key – This section is for inserting your OptimizePress API key in order to activate the software. To gain access to your API keys, please go to your member\’s area.

Header & Logo Setup – This section is for inserting your website logo. Again, this will only effect new pages. You may not require this section if you\’re planning to use different logos on every page. If so, you can insert your logos independently for each page inside the LiveEditor.

Favicon Setup – The Favicon setup area is for inserting a small logo of your website to be displayed in some web browsers.

Site Footer – Here, you will be able to add a copyright title, a disclaimer along with a footer navigation option.

SEO Options – If you would like to include SEO options in order to provide access to SEO optimisation fields, ensure that you turn this on.

LiveEditor Autosave – The LiveEditor autosave feature automatically saves your pages periodically while your working on your pages. By default, this setting is set to active.

Promotion Settings – If you\’re an affiliate to our service and would like to promote, turning this feature on will display a nice affiliate link at the bottom of each page. If a visitor clicks and makes a purchase, it will allow you to make a commission.

Custom CSS (Sitewide) – Here, you will be able to add any CSS modifications to be displayed on any new page that you build. You can also add CSS independently on each page inside the LiveEditor.

Typography –  For this section, you will be able to globally set the font and typography options for your pages, again, only affecting new pages that have yet to be built and not existing pages.

Content Templates – The content template section allows you to view and manage all of your current templates.

Flowplayer License – If you have a Flowplayer license, you will be able to insert your API keys in the area provided.

Fancybox for Images – Turning this option on will display a nice fancy box for all of your images that are inserted in the LiveEditor.

Statistics – Turning this option on will show you live statistics for all of your pages.

Analytics & Tracking

This section will allow you to globally insert tracking codes to all of your pages. Ideal for tracking detailed website activity in order to help you make informed decisions on your websites.

Email Marketing Services

This section allows you to integrate with a range of Email Autoresponder services via it\’s API key. Allowing you to directly integrate and connect your email platform with our software.

Social Integration

In this section, you will be able to insert your Facebook and Twitter API keys, which will allow you to include social widgets to your pages.


If you have an OptimizeLeads account, you will be able to insert your API keys and add sitewide configurations that will set how your OptimizeLead designed get displayed on your OptimizePress Pages.


Lastly, the compatibility section is for checking the software compatibility with your current server setup and to check if it adheres to the minimum requirements in order for the software to work properly.

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