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Install SmartTheme (When Running OP Theme)



In this quick tutorial, we\’re going to walk you through how to replace your current OptimizePress Theme with the new OptimizePress SmartTheme.

Please Note: If you\’re not currently running the OptimizePress Theme and would like to to install the OptimizePress SmartTheme, please skip this tutorial and go to the tutorial that walks you through ho to do a fresh install of the OptimizePress SmartTheme.

Also note, that before making any drastic changes to your website, it\’s imperative that you do a full backup of your website.

In order for the SmartTheme to work, we\’re going to also need to install the OptimizePress Plugin since some of the cool features inside the SmartTheme will be coming from the OptimizePress Plugin.

Head on over to your member\’s area and and locate both the OptimizePress Plugin and the OptimizePress SmartTheme. Go ahead and download both of these files onto your computer. 

With the files downloaded, what we now want to do is to install them both to your WordPress dashboard.

Please Note: Ensure that you install the OptimizePress plugin first before you the OptimizePress SmartTheme.

Go to WordPress >> Plugins >> Add New Plugin 

Locate the OptimizePress Plugin download on your computer and add the file. Click the \’ Install Now\’ button. Once installed, click on the \’Activate\’ button to activate the plugin.

You will see a warning message informing you that you will not be able to run both the OptimizePress Theme and OptimizePress Plugin together. This is fine as we will now go through the process of replacing the OptimizePress Theme with the Smart Theme.

Go to Appearance >> Themes and click the \’Add New\’ button.

Locate the OptimizePress SmartTheme file on your computer and upload the Theme. 

Lastly, click the blue \’ Activate\’ button to activate the SmartTheme.

To check that the theme is activated, refresh your homepage. You should now see the brand new SmartTheme beautifully displayed on your homepage.

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