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Here at OptimizePress we love hearing your feedback and feature requests. OptimizePress wouldn't be where it is today without us listening to your suggestions. We have heard your requests for an element that would provide an easy way to link to your social media accounts. Our developers have been hard at work to make this happen and we are proud to announce that this has now been added to the OptimizePress Plus Pack version 1.1.0!

The new social networking element will help you grow your social media following. This extremely flexible element will allow you to easily link to your Social Networking accounts with great looking icons that will match your site's branding & colours.

Lets jump in and have a look:

To use the Social Networking element please ensure you are using at least version 1.1.0 of the OptimizePress Plus Pack Plugin.

To begin, just launch the Live Editor and click on " Add Element"

You can click on " Jump to Plus Pack Elements" at the top to more easily locate the element.

Then select the " Social Networking" element.

Once you select the element Style, just fill in the links, choose a color, and insert the element

As you can see with the examples below, there are many different possibilities.

You can use Row Background colors to enhance the look:

You can choose among an infinite number of colors:

You can even choose to remove the text to just show the icon (in the 2nd element style):

You might even decide to use some animations:

Regardless of how you decide to use these elements, you can now easily link to your social media accounts and provide a consistent color scheme throughout your site that matches your brand.

We have also put together a great blog post on  7 Top Tips for Growing Your Social Media Following that is very helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: Can I add these to my header menus?

ANSWER: At the moment we do not yet offer a way to use OptimizePress Elements within a navigation menu. We have seen in some cases where font based icons were used. If you are familiar with Font Awesome there is a way to add social media icons to your WordPress menus with a few tweaks.

QUESTION: Can I use these in my blog?

ANSWER: Yes you sure can! When you are editing a blog post you can click the "add element" button above the text editor and select the "Social Networking" element. Once you add it you can even copy and paste the shortcode (by going to the "text" tab) to use it in another blog post or even a Text Widget for the sidebar (under "Appearance >> Widgets" in the WordPress Dashboard).

QUESTION: I have the Plus Pack installed but I do not see this element when I'm editing my site. What is wrong?

ANSWER: When the Plus Pack first came out this element was not included. You will need to be sure you are using the Plus Pack version 1.1.0 or higher.

If you have further questions or need any help, please use the link below to contact our support team and they'll be glad to help.

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