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Using the Get Parameters Shortcode plugin [PlusPack]

This tutorial is for the OptimizePress Get Parameters Shortcode plugin which is only available as part of the Optimiz

ePress PlusPack.  If you do not have the plus pack, 
click here to find out how you can upgrade your account.

The OptimizePress Get Parameters Plugin allows you to grab a value passed through the URL of your page and embed it into the page content.  This can be useful for customizing page content for traffic sent from your email list, or by customizing links on pages to send traffic from certain sources to certain URLs (for example customising the order link for certain customers).

In order to use a value from a URL parameter, you need to use the shortcode:

[op_get_param param=”promoCode” default=”111″]

This example would look for the parameter “promoCode” and grab the value and embed it in the page.  We have also specified a default value here (this is optional) so that if no value is passed through, this defau

An example of the URL to pass this value might be:ue will be used.lt val


This would place the value “123” on your page or wherever specified by the shortcode.  If no value was passed through, the value would default to 111 as specified in the shortcode.  If no default value is specified, there would be no value shown.

Send Multiple Parameters to a page

You can also send multiple parameters to a single page. Just separate the parameters with an & symbol like this:

Important Notes

You cannot use the get param shortcode inside of the Optin form elements inside OptimizePress. If you want to pass values to these elements, please see this tutorial

Use \’single quotes\’ in the shortcode with some elements
In some cases when using the shortcode within OptimizePress elements in the live editor (such as pricing tables or pricing comparison tables) you may need to use single quotes instead of regular quotes in order to get the parameter to work properly. 

Example of proper single quote usage: [op_get_param param=\’promoCode\’ default=\’111\’]

If you have issues getting things working properly please contact our support team and they will be happy to help.

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