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How to use evergreen countdown timer element [PlusPack]

Please note: You must be using OptimizePress version 2.5.7 or above for PlusPack features to function correctly

Important Note about Evergreen Countdown Timer: Please be aware that the redirect feature of the countdown timer will only function when a user has left the page and returns. It will not redirect a user if the counter reaches 0 when the user is on the page as they may be engaged with your page and this would leave to a negative user experience.

Here\’s a video showing how to use the OptimizePress PlusPack Evergreen Countdown Timer.

With the Evergreen Countdown timer. You will now be able to have a timer active for each of your visitors that\’s evergreen depending on when they view the page.

The difference between a standard countdown timer and an evergreen countdown timer is that the evergreen timer will continue to count down as you leave the page and will be set to a new countdown for every new customer who enters the page.

This means you will be able to run things like evergreen launches that look like a LIVE launch, resulting in more sales and ideally, more customers!

1. To get started, open a page with the LiveEditor. Once launched, click on the \’ Add Element\’ button.

2. Click on the Search box and begin typing in the word \’ Evergreen\’. OptimizePress will go ahead and list all the elements containing the word Evergreen. From this list, select the \’Evergreen Countdown Timer\’ element.

– Once you\’ve clicked on the element, you will be presented with a listing of all of the available styles to choose from.

3. Once you\’ve selected your style, you will be taken to an area to set your timer. You will have the option to set the number of \’ Days\’, \’Hours\’, \’Minutes\’, \’Seconds\’ and the \’Action After Expiry\’. The final option is what sets apart this timer with the standard one that you\’ll have already become accustomed to.

4. With \’ Action After Expiry\’, you will now be able to set what you would like your visitor to see once the timer expires. 

None – Once the timer expires, it will do nothing and stay at \’0\’.

Hide – Hide the timer once the timer expires.

Redirect – Redirect your visitors to another page once the timer expires. This could be to an \’Offer Expired\’ page or your website\’s homepage.

Restart – Once the timer expires, it will restart.

5. Finally, once you\’ve setup your timer, click on the \’ Insert\’ button to add the timer to your page in the LiveEditor. Your Evergreen Countdown Timer is now live and ready to be published.

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