How to use the Advanced Headline element [PlusPack]

Please note: You must be using OptimizePress version 2.5.7 or above for PlusPack features to function correctly

This tutorial shows you how to use the animated text in the PlusPack Advanced Headline element.

- To get started, you will firstly need to open a page with the LiveEditor. Once launched, click on the ' Add Element' button.

- Next, click on the Search box and begin typing in the word ' Headline'. OptimizePress will go ahead and list all the elements connected to headlines. From this list, select the 'Advanced Headline' element.

- You will then be taken to the second step of the process, which is to choose the ' Advanced Headline Style'. Select the style you want from the list of styles available.

- The third step will allow you to select the ' Effect' and 'Highlight Colour'. These will only affect the animated text and not the 'Static Text' of the element, which we will get to in a moment.

- To set the ' Static Text', you can choose either to have it included by typing in the text you want or by simply leaving it blank if you want it removed completely. You will be able to change the styling of this text under the 'Custom Font Settings'. In our example, we've set the static text to: 'Learn to build - ', with a font colour of Blue.

- To add animated text. Select the ' Add New Animated Text' button. You will be able to add as many animated texts as you want by simply pressing the button again.

- If we now go ahead and scroll down, then click on the ' Insert' button. You will then see the element added to the LiveEditor. 

- Save the changes and launch the page.

- You will now see the element live and fully animated on your page.

You can also go back and change the effect of the animation by clicking on the element settings and selecting the effect under the ' effects' list.

Here's what the animated text looks like using the ' Zoom' effect.

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