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How to create a new experiment [OPExperiments]

Please note: You must be using OptimizePress version 2.5.7 or above for PlusPack features to function correctly

In this video we look a creating new goal conversion experiment.

– To begin creating an experiment, click on the \’
Experiments\’ link under the OptimizePress menu. 

You will be taken to the main Experiments dashboard. To get started, click on the green \’
Create New Experiment\’ button.

– A lightbox will appear with a list of options to begin setting up your new experiment.

1) Name of your Experiment – Give your experiment a name. This will not be made public and will be for your own personal reference.

2) Original Page – Begin typing in the page you would like to test. OptimizePress will autofill and match any pages currently available that fit your page name description. Select the page from the list.

3) Start date/End date – Select how long you would like your experiment to run for. We recommend a week to allow for enough data to pull through.

– Clone Original (Optional) – Click on this button if you would like to clone your original experiment page (Note if you use this you should go back and make changes to the newly cloned page).

– Add Variation (Optional) – Click on this button if you would like to add another variation. This is ideal if you would like to test multiple page variations. If you\’re running your first test, we recommend starting out with one variation.

4) Variation Name – Give your variation page a name. This will not be made public.

5) Variation Page – As with step #2, select the page you would like to test as a variation.

6) Goal – Select whether you would like to track the number of optins or the number of page views. 

Once you\’re happy with the settings, click on the \’
Create\’ button.

OptimizePress Experiments will take you back to the main dashboard with your new experiment listed.

– Every new experiment created will have a default status of \’
Paused\’. To begin running your experiment, click on the \’small circular play\’ icon.

– Once clicked, your status will appear Live to confirm your test is now active.

– Lastly, clicking on the \’
Experiments\’ button will reveal an additional section containing all of the data that OptimizePress Experiments will have collected. This will help you track and decide where to take your tests moving forward. Please Note: For this example, no data was collected and is shown as blank.

Please Note: As you progress with creating new experiments and collecting more data, an additional button will appear next to the Experiments button called \’Stats\’ which will show you additional details of your experiments.

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