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What is OptimizePress Experiments? (OptimizePress Split Testing)

Please note: You must be using OptimizePress version 2.5.7 or above for PlusPack features to function correctly

Here\’s a quick overview of OptimizePress Experiments.

With OptimizePress Experiments, you will now be able to run A/B Tests or Split-Tests between 2 identical pages but with different variations to determine which page performs best. This will allow you to optimise your Sales pages and Marketing pages for best effect which will improve your conversions and sales.

You can use this tool to test all of our elements in the OptimizePress Live-Editor. OptimizePress Experiments was designed for ease of use and you will be able to run experiments and check your statistics all in a one simple dashboard.

Please Note: The OptimizePress Experiments Plugin is only available to OptimizePress users with the publisher and pro packages, you will find the plugin available to download in the PlusPack section of the members hub.

– To begin installing the plugin, head on over to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins >> Add New Plugin

– Next, click on the \’Upload Plugin\’ button. A new area should appear with the option to add your plugin. Click on the \’Choose File\’ button and locate the OptimizePress Experiments file you downloaded in the previous step. Click on the \’Install\’ button.

– Next, click the \’Activate Plugin\’ link. The OptimizePress Experiments plugin should now be successfully installed and activated on your site.

– To check that the plugin has been installed, hover over the OptimizePress menu and check that the \’Experiments\’ option is listed.

– Finally, click on the \’Experiments\’ option. You should now see the OptimizePress Experiments dashboard ready to begin setting up and testing your pages.

Please Note: If you\’re unable to see the Experiments option listed as in the example above, please ensure you\’ve activated the plugin and that your API key is successfully registered.

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