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Too many redirects error on launch page

If you are using the Launch Suite to create a launch funnel and you get the error “too many redirects” when trying to view one of your pages:

Cause 1: Using Your Launch Value page as Landing Page

This issue is because you have most likely used the same page for your launch value page and your landing page or squeeze page in the launch stage setup

To fix this, go to OptimizePress > Launch Suite and check each of your launch funnel stages to ensure that the landing page and value page is different.  You will only see these options if you have the gateway enabled.

Ensure that each stage has a different landing page and value page to avoid further redirect issues

Cause 2: Not Setting a Landing Page

If you have the gateway function activated you will see a dropdown appears for setting the landing page to redirect your users to. If you do not set this to be a separate page in your funnel (your landing page) this error will occur

Cause 3: Not Publishing the Launch Stage

Before you test, you must publish the launch stage otherwise the pages wont be officially live and this error will occur

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