Does LearnDash work with OptimizePress?


Currently with OptimizePress version 2, there is no compatibility for LearnDash specifically built into the OptimizePress Live Editor. 

LearnDash was built to use the default WordPress templates and relies on the styles in your WordPress theme for course/lesson and other templates built into the LearnDash platform. For this reason, we would suggest not attempting to use LearnDash shortcodes within a page created with the OptimizePress Live Editor as we can not assist with fixing any issues caused by doing so.


As our Smart Theme is a WordPress Theme which includes all the basic templates that a WordPress theme would normally have, you may use LearnDash along with the SmartTheme, however we have not included any specific styles or scripts specifically for LearnDash. This means while LearnDash will work with the Smart Theme, you'll need to use your own custom CSS or a 3rd party plugin to aid in styling your site. Our team are not available for customization such as this.

A great plugin that may help with styling LearnDash on themes which do not specifically include LearnDash styles/scripts, or settings would be this one:

You may also consider adding some additional functionality to LearnDash by using this plugin:


Previously, some of our users have reported issues when using OptimizePress with LearnDash. This primarily was due to attempting to use LearnDash shortcodes within an OptimizePress Live Editor page which is not recommended or supported.

We also had some reports that when LearnDash was activated, the Live Editor would stop working. This can be fixed easily by going under "OptimizePress > Support > Disable styles and scripts" and checking the box there for LearnDash (and associated plugins). This will prevent those scripts from loading while using the Live Editor, which will solve any incompatibilities.

It should be noted that we have not had any reported issues regarding LearnDash for quite a long time. This means that possibly LearnDash had already fixed the issues on their end.

If you need any help with any conflicts from LearnDash you are welcome to contact the support team for assistance, however if the issue comes from within LearnDash then we would suggest reaching out to their team regarding any issues.

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