Do you integrate with WSO Pro / Warrior Plus

At the moment WSOPro / WarriorPlus is not a solution that we have a direct integration with.  You can of course create sales pages and link to a WSO Pro checkout process, but there wouldn't currently be a way to add buyers to an OptimizePress/OptimizeMember based membership.

We do have WSO Pro logged as one of the integrations / payment gateways we're going to investigate in the future but as you can imagine we get a lot of requests and it takes time for our developers to fully investigate and plan out integrations such as this, so it's not something that will be completed overnight

We do now have integration with JVZoo which I believe is a popular alternative to WSOPro, so let us know if you need any help with that, but currently there is no direct integration with the WSO Pro system

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