How do I update to latest version of OP1 & will I lose my content?

If you are running a version of OptimizePress 1.0 older than version 1.62 you should update your site to be running the latest version.  You can check the version you are running by going to Appearance > Themes and then look at theme information for OptimizePress.

If you have only made changes within our admin options , upgrading to the latest version of OP1 (1.62) will not affect any of your pages.

First go to and login (if you require your OptimizePress 1 logins please try the password reset function on that page or contact us at the link below and our team will help you recover your logins).

To install the update, you need to go to Appearance > Themes and delete the current version of OP (you can do this by activating a different theme and then you will see the delete option for OptimizePress).

Once deleted you can install the new OP1.62 to your site by going to Appearance > Themes > Upload and then browse for the new file you downloaded from the OP1 members area and upload this to your site.

Click activate to complete the installation and reactivate OptimizePress 1.

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