OptimizePress 1 Site flagged as file contains eval or base_64 code

If you are running OptimizePress 1 on your websites and receive a notice from a server scanner or security plugin about potential exploits on your site involving base_64 code or eval code please read below...

OptimizePress has been extensively tested for security and current versions (1.6 or above) have been certified as safe and secure.  Earlier versions below 1.6 did contain a potential vulnerability which we patched immediately.  If you are running an earlier version please see the link below for steps to secure your site:


Regarding any sites running 1.6 or above that receive a seurity notice - be aware that the following files do include some obfuscated (encrypted) code because they include our licensing functions:


Some scanning plugins will flag these as a false-positive - but if you are running version 1.6 or above of OptimizePress 1 your site should be fine and you do not need to be concerned about these alerts.

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