Pricing for Support & Updates Renewal After 1 Year

As you may be aware, all OptimizePress packages (Core, Publisher & Pro) include 1 year (12 months) of access to support and updates.

After this period expires, you will no longer be eligible for updates and support and will need to purchase a new 1 year subscription if you wish to continue with access to the latest versions of OptimizePress, as well as access to support via our helpdesk (this is optional and you still can access our knowledgebase and member at all times).

You can quickly and easily renew your license at up to 50% off the normal pricing within 60 days of your original license expiration date. The core package renewal is $48.50 USD, the Publsher package renewal is $59.95 USD and the Pro package is $79.95 USD. After the 60 day window has expired, all renewals are at full price.

These each extend your support and updates contract for 1 year (12 months).

We will contact you when your subscription is close to expiring to offer these pricing packages and provide links to purchase the renewals. 

Please note for anyone who purchased in July or August 2013, your renewal dates will have been moved back 1 month due to you purchasing during our initial release period.