Can I add more Google fonts to the system?

There isn't currently a way to add more Google fonts to OptimizePress (inside the platform font options) without modifying the core PHP files for the platform (these changes are not recommended as they are overwritten each time you update the platform).

We try to provide a wide range of Google fonts inside the system, but if there are certain fonts you'd like to see, please do let our support team know and if we get enough requests for a certain font we can certainly consider it in a future update of the platform.

Alternative Way to Add Google Fonts

There is an alternative method to adding Google fonts to a page in OptimizePress. First you need to copy the styling code from the google font you want to use - it will look something like this (to find this go to the Google fonts site, choose your font and click "Use" then look at the @import options):


@import url(,700,900);


Add this to the Page Settings > Other Scripts > Custom CSS section of your LiveEditor page.

Next you need to override the CSS styling on your page to use the new font.  To do this you need to identify the styles you want to affect with the new font for example....Add this code to the Page Settings > Other Scripts > Custom CSS:

body, p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, li, ul {font-family: 'Lato', sans-serif;}


Note that you should not use any element specific font styles or select any typography options for your page as this will override these settings

You can use the font weight stylings for individual elements to make the text bold, thin etc as long as it is supported by the font you are using

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