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Integrating Wishlist Member (WLM) with OptimizePress

If you want to use the WishlistMember plugin to protect your OptimizePress membership pages (or any other pages) you can follow this integration guide to ensure you know how to set things up correctly.

Step 1: Configure your membership options within Wishlist Member.

The first step is to setup your membership options within WishlistMember.  You can follow the guides from Wishlist in order to setup all your options correctly.  We recommend following the Wishlist setup guide (provided when you first load wishlist on your site) in order to setup a membership level and ensure your pages are all setup correctly (we can change these pages for OptimizePress pages later).

So you should now have a membership level setup for your site.  The next step is to setup a Login page for your site:

Step 2: Setup a membership login page

To setup a membership login page for Wishlistmember you can use the wishlist member login form shortcode on any of your OptimizePress Liveeditor pages. To do this, Select the “HTML/Shortcode” element and then insert the shortcode:


This will render a login form to your page.  If you are logged in as an admin you will see profile information so you need to logout of your site in order to view this page as a regular visitor would.

Step 3: Protect a page with WishlistMember

To protect any of your pages with WishlistMember, including LiveEditor pages, you need to use the options within the “WordPress” tab of your page editor:

Once you have selected the “WordPress” tab you should see the Wishlist Member meta box options – where you can select the protection options for this page:

Other Useful Wishlist Shortcodes / Merge Codes

Merge Codes: You can also insert the following merge codes in your posts and pages

  • First Name: [wlm_firstname]
  • Last Name: [wlm_lastname]
  • E-mail: [wlm_email]
  • Membership Level: [wlm_memberlevel]
  • Username: [wlm_username]
  • Login Form: [wlm_loginform]
  • RSS Feed Link: [wlm_rss]

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