Integrating PayPro with OptimizeMember

For those wanting to use PayPro as the preferred payment gateway, you can now easily integrate PayPro with OptimizeMember in just a few clicks. Here's how:

1. Log in to your PayPro account and then navigate to the integration area.

2. Go to Koppelingen. Select OptimizePress from dropdown.

3. Add your site URL at Domeinnaam. If you have installed a SSL certificate on your site, type in  https:// instead of http://.

4. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > OptimizeMember > API / Scripting > PRO API for Remote Operations and then copy your API key.

5. Paste the PRO API key on the Api key field.

6. Go to Level, click the dropdown to choose the membership level you wish to register your member.

7. Add a package when needed.

Save when done.

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