Integrating PremiumWebCart with OptimizeMember

Some of our customers have asked if our system integrates with PremiumWebCart.

At the moment we do not have a specific integration with PremiumWebCart.  

We have not yet confirmed it - but you may be able to integrate with their system if has a facility to post HTTP messages via POST or GET commands - you might be able to ultiize the system that we built for our Infusionsoft Integration. This allows you to send information such as name/email etc to OptimizeMember to create a user account based on a third party transaction

So if you processed an order with PremiumWebCart - you could send a message through to your OptimizeMember site to create the user there. I haven't tested this with PremiumWebCart and can't find enough information on their website about their specific features to know if this is possible, but I've included a link to the article below so perhaps speak with their support and ask if this is possible:

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