Strange Formatting of Pasted Text

If you are experiencing issues with formatting of text that you have copied / pasted from another application, please read below:

When you paste content from an external application (e.g. Microsoft Word, Notepad etc) these apps apply their own formatting to your text.

When you paste this text or content into WordPress, this formatting is copied over and added in HTML/CSS (you can see this if you switch to the text view in WordPress)

How to fix this issue

Before you paste any content into WordPress text editors, you need to turn on the "Paste as Text" option:

When you activate this option, any content you paste into WordPress after this will have any formatting stripped out, so you can then apply your own formatting as required

IMPORTANT: Remember if you are using our Headline element inside the LiveEditor, you should not apply any formatting to your text as the formatting (h1, h2 etc tag can be applied inside the element options).

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