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OptimizePress SEO feature: Adding meta keywords, description and title to your page

Please note that the following is possible ONLY if you have the older OptimizePress 2 theme installed and activated. If you are using the newer OptimizePress Smart Theme, you should use a 3rd party SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO or one of many others.

If you are using the OptimizePress Plugin, the OptimizePress SEO Options are only available within the live editor pages and not on normal posts or pages as that would be up to the Theme that you use or a 3rd party plugin to offer such options.

Note that we no longer provide the older OptimizePress 2 theme for use on new sites, but if you already have it installed then you can still get automatic updates.

If you have any questions about this please contact our support team.

It is possible to set SEO settings on your OP pages and normal WP pages in OptimizePress. Here’s how:

1. Enable the SEO built-in feature of OP by going to OptimizePress >> Dashboard >> Global Settings >> SEO Options.

2. Go to editing section of your page.

3. Find the Screen Options at the topmost right hand corner and then tick the SEO Option.

4. Click the WordPress (beside the OptimizePress Settings) tab and then find the SEO panel.

5. Click to open the SEO panel settings and fill out the the meta.

NOTE: Using multiple SEO plugins, or scripts for meta data, in an installation is a very BAD practice. Always ensure to activate one SEO plugin at all time. If you are using, or perhaps planning to install and activate a 3rd party SEO plugin, please deactivate the OptimizePress SEO feature to avoid meta issues.

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