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How to insert an Opt-In Form using the SmartTheme

In this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through adding an opt-in box to your blog using the OptimizePress SmartTheme.

– To begin, head over to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Appearance >> Theme Options. You’ll be taken to the SmartTheme dashboard.

– In the SmartTheme menu, click on the ‘Optin Forms’ option to expand the menu. Click on the ‘Integration Settings’ option.

– In the ‘Integration Settings’ area, you’ll be shown a ‘Number of Integrations’ slider, which you can choose to set. Depending on your business objectives, you will set this accordingly. For this example, we’ll simply set this number to ‘1.’

– With this now selected, click on the ‘Integration #1’ box underneath to expand the options.

– You will be shown a list of options to edit:

Integration Name – Give your Integration a name.

Integration Type – Select from an integrated email service. If you currently don’t have one set, you can select the ‘Custom Form’ option and insert your HTML code manually.

Integration List – Here, you can select from the form you would like to use, which will be pulled from your chosen email integration type. If you’ve selected the ‘Custom Form’ option, this will be replaced by an HTML box to insert your custom form code into.

Thank You Page URL – Insert the URL of the page you would like your subscribers to see upon signing up.

Already Subscribed URL – Insert the URL of the page you would like subscribers to see if they’ve already subscribed to your form.

Disable Name – You can choose to enable or disable the name field in your opt-in form.

Name, Name Field Label, Name Order – We recommend leaving these options set to default.

Email Field Label, Email Order – We recommend leaving these options set to default.

Integrate With OptimizeMember – You can either choose to enable or disable OptimizeMember integration if you’re using this as a membership solution.

– With your options set, you can now choose to insert your forms to a different part of your website. You will have a list of options to choose from.

You can have different opt-in form integrations per website area. To start with, we recommend focusing on the ‘Posts’ option.

– With the ‘Posts’ option clicked, you will now be shown a list of 3 options:

After Header – Your Opt-In Box will appear after the website header of your posts.

After Hero – Your Opt-In Box will appear after the Hero section of your posts.

Before Footer – Your Opt-In Box will appear before the footer of your website.

– Enabling these will expand the options showing a list of settings:

Integration – Select the Integration you created previously.

Opt-In Style – Select from ‘Light’ or ‘Dark.

Form Headline – Give your form a compelling headline.

Form SubHeadline – Give you form a subheadline.

Form Submit Button Text – Set the text you would like to appear on your opt-in form button.

Form Submit Button Background Colour – Set the button background colour.

Form Submit Button Hover Background Colour – Set the button colour when hovered with your mouse.

Show Form In Lightbox / Popup Opt-In – Enable or disable the option to display your form as a popup or lightbox.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ve kept everything set to default.

Here’s what each opt-in box looks like in different areas of your page:

After Header

After Hero

Before Footer

Inserting a Sidebar Opt-In Widget

– To Insert a Sidebar Opt-In Widget, head back to the ‘Opt-In Form Options’ area and click on the ‘Widget’ selection.

– You will be shown 3 form selections, allowing you to set 3 form styles.

– Click on ‘Form #1’ to expand the options. You will be shown the same settings as listed above. Again, for this tutorial, we will keep these options set to default.

– To Display the opt-in form widget, we’ll need to ensure that the blog layout is a 2-column layout and that the widget is added to the widget section of the blog.

– To Ensure you have a 2-column layout, head over to Blog >> Blog Post Layout. Ensure that either the left or right side layout is selected.

– Next, Go to Appearance >> Widgets and select the ‘OptimizePress Optin Form Widget’ dragging it to the Sidebar Widget area. Select ‘Form #1’ from the style dropdown list and click ‘Save’.

– Finally, head back to your blog and view your posts. You should now see the optin form widget beautifully displayed.

Adding a Custom Opt-In Form For Each Post

If you’ve built a few Content Upgrades and would like a custom form displayed exclusively on a post, you can do this by going to the post ‘edit’ area and scrolling down to find the ‘Custom Theme Options’ area.

Changes made here will override the settings in the main Theme Options area, allowing you to design and place a custom form on your blog post.

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