What happens with updates and support after 1 year?

Your initial purchase of OptimizePress includes 1 year of support (via our helpdesk) and core updates (these are updates to the main framework of OptimizePress).
After 1 year, if you wish to continue receiving updates and support you will have the opportunity to purchase another 1 year support and updates license for a fee (more information below)
This is completely optional and only required if you require support and updates - this is not a requirement to continue using OptimizePress and your sites will continue to function (please note updates include the latest compatibility fixes so they are recommended to ensure smooth operation of your site).

Update Fees for 1 year support and updates

You can quickly and easily renew your license at a special rate if you renew within 60 days of your original license expiration date.

The price for renewals is now $39 for Core, Publisher & Pro packages.

This will provide you with another 12 months of support and updates.


Update Fees for Developer Package Owners

If you have purchased one of our developer license packages, your main OptimizePress account must have an active support and updates license in order for you to receive support and updates for all other sites licensed within your account.  You do not need to purchase separate updates and support licenses for each developer client site.


What about access to downloads?

After your support & updates license expires, you will no longer be eligible for access to the latest product downloads in our members area and via automatic updates on your sites.

Of course, we realise you may have unused API keys and wish to create further sites - so we will provide you with archived access to the latest software versions at the time your updates expired.  You will simply not see the new versions of OptimizePress in your members area as they are released (we highly recommend running the latest versions of OptimizePress).


What About Clubhouse Members?

If you are an active OptimizePress Clubhouse subscriber (monthly or annual) you automatically receive ongoing support and updates as long as you remain a member (this covers you after your inclusive 1 year of support and updates expires).

If you cancel your Clubhouse at any time, you will no longer receive updates and support (if you are outside of your inclusive 1 year) - and will therefore then be required to renew your updates license if you wish to continue receiving updates and support.