Install OptimizePress Plugin


In this quick tutorial, we're going to walk you through how to download and install our OptimizePress Plugin, which will allow you to start building your squeeze pages, sales pages and other pages for your websites.

Getting Started

To get started, we will need to go to the OptimizePress member's area.

Scroll down until you see a list of your downloads that are available. What we want to do is click on the Blue ' Download OptimizePress' button.

Please Note: If your membership and license is expired, you will not see the latest version listed and will be required to update your license.

Installing the Plugin

With the plugin downloaded. We will now walk you through the process of installing the plugin inside your Wordpress dashboard.

Head over to your Wordpress dashboard and go to the Plugins >> Add New Plugin area.

Next, click on the ' Upload Plugin' button to take you to the plugin upload area.

In the Plugin Upload area, click the ' Choose File' button to locate the plugin on your computer. Once selected, click the 'Install Now' button to begin the installation process.

Please Note: You must have at least a 32mb file upload limit in order to upload the plugin. If it's below 32mb, please contact the support staff for your hosting provider and request to have your file upload limit increased.

Once installed, click the blue ' Activate Plugin' button. 

You should now see the OptimizePress option listed in your Wordpress dashboard.

Activating the Software

With the software installed, we now need to activate the software. 

Head back over to your member's area and click on the ' License Your Site' link on the main menu. This will list all of your available API keys that you've purchased.

Copy a key you would like to register by clicking on the ' Copy' link beside it.

Finally, inside your Wordpress dashboard, go to OptimizePress >> Dashboard >> Global Settings >> API Key

Paste your API key in the section provided and save the changes by clicking the green ' Save Settings' button.

Your OptimizePress software will now be fully installed and activated, ready to begin building pages.