Register Your Domain


In this quick tutorial, we're going to walk you through how to register your own Domain name, what it is and where you can go to begin registering one.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is essentially your address on the internet. For example, for our own business, is our official domain name. In short, having a domain name is essential as it  allows you to get found on the internet.

Registering a domain

To register a domain name, we use a company called Head on over to their site and type in the name of your business a name that you would like to register as a domain in the field provided.

Please Note: We generally go for a .com, .net or a extension. There are many other extensions you can use depending on your location and type of business.

Upon insert the name you would like to register, click the red magnifying glass button to begin searching.

As you can see in this example, the name 'Optimizetutorials' is available to register for many of the main extensions that we listed above. You can then go onto insert the ones you want inside the checkout and complete the purchase.

In cases where the name you want isn't available in the extension you want, it may be because someone else owns the domain or is expired and is listed as a premium domain. If you have an established business and would like to get access to a more premium domain, the best place to go for this is through companies called and

Upon registering your domain, you will now be able to register it on one of your websites, which will require hosting. 

To go through the process of setting up hosting, please refer to our dedicated hosting article.