What is the Minimum Screen Resolution for using OptimizePress?

Pages and websites created with OptimizePress are fully responsive, meaning they will scale down to fit the screen sizes of most devices and platforms.

Editing the pages created with OptimizePress is slightly different as you need access to the editing functions and sidebars.  

  • We recommend a minimum screen size of 15 inches
  • We recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800

If you are using a lower screen size or resolution there are a few steps you can take to improve your experience:

1. When loading the LiveEditor or PageBuilder, hold the CNTRL key (PC) or CMD key (Mac) on your keyboard as you click the link to load the LiveEditor/PageBuilder. This will force it to load in a full screen window, giving you a little more space for the editor.  

Please note that if you use this function the "Save & Close" option in the LiveEditor will not autoclose the page so you will need to manually close the window after saving


2. Use the sidebar hiding option to hide the sidebar on smaller screens when you don't need access to the sidebar options.  You can see this in the screenshot below:


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