Can I use OptimizePress pages in Facebook Tabs?

Currently there is not a simple way to use OptimizePress pages inside Facebook tabs -  because you have to have your site SSL secured before you can do this. 

The reason that some other solutions allow you to do this is because they host your pages (and also control your content) - and therefore they are able to use their SSL certificate for all customer sites that are built on their platform.

Because OptimizePress is a system you install on your own site (giving you more control) we can't SSL secure your pages, unfortunately. However, you can get an SSL certificate from your web host or domain registrar.

Once you have your site SSL secured there are a number of scripts and apps out there which will help you load your page in Facebook - search Google for "facebook iframe tab" and you should find a range of options

All OptimizePress pages are mobile responsive so they will resize to fit in the Facebook window once inserted.

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