OptimizeMember Feature List

We get many questions about whether you will need DAP, Wishlist or other membership solutions if you are using OptimizePress 2.0 and our OptimizeMember plugin.  

For most people, our OptimizeMember plugin will do everything you need, however we wanted to put together a full feature list for you so you can judge for yourself as you may require integration with a provider we don't currently integrate with, or require a feature we don't have

Please note: OptimizeMember requires OptimizePress 2.0 Theme or plugin to be installed to function properly - it is not designed for use on non OP sites

Overview of OptimizeMember

OptimizeMember is a plugin which works with your OptimizePress sites and pages to provide the ability to secure any page on your site for access by specific user levels which could a membership or an individual product.

With OptimizeMember you can protect your pages and then sell access to this content through our supported payment/gateway integrations.  

Your buyers will be automatically sent secure individual logins for your site after successful purchase, and you can create login pages and other membership pages with OptimizePress to work with this system

File downloads can also be protected through the use of our Membership File Downloads element inside OptimizePress which works with the membership levels setup in OptimizeMember

You can even set your content to be "drip fed" and delivered to your users over a period of days or weeks

Key Features
  • Create unlimited number of membership levels (system comes with 10 as standard and this can be increased with one simple modification)
  • Create an unlimited number of "packages" to sell access to specific content (this works in a similar way to levels but is an easy way for you to give access to a particular download which is also protected with this "package")
  • Protect any page or post on your site so that only users with specific access (that you sell them) will be able to view your content
  • Integrate with a range of payment gateways (see below) to process payments and deliver your buyers to a secure members area (logins will be automatically delivered to them via email)
  • Add your buyers to your autoresponder list (see integrations below)
  • Drip feed content to your buyers over days or weeks
  • Upload files to your Wordpress site to be protected by OPtimizeMember and only allow access to specific levels or packages
  • Fully integrated with OptimizePress so you can easily create order buttons, login forms, download elements and much more with a few clicks inside our OptimizePress interface

Integrations - Autoresponders & Email Service Providers

OptimizeMember uses the OptimizePress Email Service Provider integrations - so you can currently send buyers of your products and programs to the following systems:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • OfficeAutopilot (add the user to a sequence)
  • Infusionsoft (add the user to a Follow-up Sequence)
  • iContact
  • GetResponse
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Campaign Monitor
Integrations - Gateways & Shopping Carts

Use these systems to process payments for your OptimizeMember based membership programs

  • Paypal
  • Paypal Payments Pro

  • Stripe
  • Clickbank
  • Authorize.net
  • ccBill
  • Google Checkout (soon to be discontinued)


Future Planned Integrations
Future planned integrations for shopping carts include 1ShoppingCart/1AutomationWiz, Braintree. We do not yet have a timescale on these integrations yet but they are in the pipeline
We also have a recent blog post that shows some of these features and options in OptimizeMember:  http://www.optimizepress.com/35-membership-software-features-for-growing-a-successful-site/
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